June 25, 2022

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193rd Military Police Battalion individual weapons’ qualification weekend

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Defense Flash News – May 2022

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193rd Military Police Battalion individual weapons’ qualification weekend

Members of the Colorado Army National Guard 193rd Military Police Battalion participate in range operations and weapons qualification May 19-21, 2022 at Fort Carson, Colorado Springs, Colorado. Individual weapons qualification is an annual requirement for all U.S. Army Soldiers.

Video by: U.S. Army Spc. Clayton Eggan
Ammo: 00:00
Firing: 00:06
Ammo: 00:36
193rd Flag: 00:43
Static Weapon System: 00:50
Ammo Point Sign: 00:56
Raising Weapons: 01:02
Firing Weapons: 01:12
Tower: 01:46
Clearing Pit Sign: 01:51
Ammo: 01:56
Static Weapons: 02:01
Firing Weapons: 02:06
Go Pro Footage: 02:08

Film Credits: Video by Spc. Clayton Eggan
104th Public Affairs Detachment

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