January 18, 2022

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Board Life: NAVY’s Officer Promotion Board process works?

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Board Life: Officer Boards

Ready to find out how the NAVY’s Officer Promotion Board process works?

PERS-801 is the sponsor for all statutory officer promotion selection boards for ranks of O6 and below. PERS 803 sponsors the Active Duty LDO/CWO In-Service Procurement Selection Board. For administrative boards such as Command Screen, CO/XO, and Department Head, please contact the appropriate sponsor (detailer or community manager).

Per Secretary of Defense guidance, the display of official photographs to officer promotion selection boards has been prohibited. Please refer to NAVADMIN 247/20 for more information and requirement to maintain an officer photograph in the official service record. Do not include photographs in letter to the board submissions.

Per NAVADMIN 220/19, Electronic Submission of Selection Board Documents (ESSBD) is the preferred method of submitting a Letter to the Board (LTB).

To utilize ESSBD, candidates must access the document services application through MyNavy Portal (MNP) at https://www.mnp.navy.mil/group/advancement-and-promotion/overview or the BUPERS Online (BOL) main menu. If required, an ESSBD Users Guide is available on the NPC Selection Board Support web page accessible through the left hand menu. A submission status of “Accepted” or “Auto-Accepted” indicates the documents were received.

Per the National Defense Authorization Act for 2018, LTBs submitted to statutory officer promotion boards must be received by Navy Personnel Command not later than 2359 (central time) 10 calendar days prior to the convening date of the respective board. Generally, administrative boards will follow, at a minimum, the statutory officer deadlines. Deadlines for submission to other boards will be listed in the convening announcement for those boards. In either case, if the board for which you are attempting to submit a LTB cannot be found in the ESSBD drop down menu, the deadline for submission to that board has passed. Submitters are cautioned to not wait until the deadline date to submit LTBs via ESSBD or other available avenues.

If ESSBD is unavailable, LTBs for officer promotion selection boards may be submitted to the MyNavy Career Center (MNCC) in accordance with the selection board NAVADMIN and MILPERSMAN 1420-010 via postal mail or encrypted e-mail to cscselboard@navy.mil. Additionally, the annual notice of convening for officer promotion selection boards (NAVADMIN 319/20 and NAVADMIN 061/21) will provide the most up to date information on communicating with the board. Please do not send communications with officer promotion selection boards to your detailer or other PERS code. If you do, you risk your correspondence getting lost or being received too late for the board. Also, you must use your full 10-digit DoD identification number on your cover letter and any document that does not already contain it.

Encrypted emails containing LTB packages shall be sent to CSCSELBOARD@navy.mil. To ensure more efficient processing and for internal tracking purposes, a recommended subject line of your email is "FOUO-Privacy Sensitive Board Package: Active-Duty [Rank][Line/Staff] Board, FY-YYXXX" (where YY represents the last two digits of the fiscal year of the selection board and the XXX represents the actual 3-digit board number and you insert the appropriate parenthetical information). FY-22 Board Schedule. You must encrypt your email due to PII policy. If you send from a .mil e-mail address, you should digitally sign your e-mail. Per MILPERSMAN 1420-010, cover letters must be signed with a wet (pen) or CAC signature that displays DoD ID number.

Many questions about boards can be answered on our Helpful Information or Board Preparation to the right. There is also some valuable information on the General Board Information pages. For other questions concerning Active Duty Officer Promotion Boards or to check the status of your LTB submitted via postal mail or encrypted e-mail, please call the MyNavy Career Center (833) 330-MNCC (6662) or DSN 882-6622) or Email: askmncc@navy.mil

NOTE: Board membership will no longer be released until after the results of the board are released.​

​NOTE: Requests to defer promotion consideration (opt out) should be directed to BUPERS-31 as explained in NAVADMIN 154/21 and the Promotion Selection Board Deferment (Opt Out) Guidance. Do not direct these requests to PERS-802.

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