October 1, 2022

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Borne the Battle Ep. 250: USMC Veteran/Lakota Warrior Billy Mills, Olympic Gold Medalist (’64 Tokyo)

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Marine Veteran and Lakota Warrior, Billy Mills, stunned the world with his 1964 Olympic victory. On Borne the Battle, Mills tells his story of trials, strength and perseverance that brought him to the Tokyo Olympics. Mills also discusses his Native American heritage, time in the Marine Corps and his foundation Running Strong for American Indian Youth.
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0:00 – Intro
4:40 – Finding the Dream to Heal Broken Souls
10:12 – Birth of the Dream to Win Gold
12:22 – From College to the Marine Corps
17:23 – Story in the Marines
22:22 – Bringing Your Culture to the Marines
26:30 – Decision to Quit or Not Quit
32:23 – Gold Medal 10,000M Race
45:00 – Getting Into the Moment of Going for the Win
46:05 – Years of Service in the Marines
47:00 – Getting Warrior Status and Lakota Name
50:07 – Separating the War from the Warrior
51:30 – Desire to Go to Vietnam to Serve
51:56 – What Was It Like Transitioning Out of the Military
57:16 – Mission Statement of His NonProfit Running Strong
58:40 – The Start of Dream Starters Academy
1:02:34 – Speaking and Traveling Around the World
1:07:01 – Advice to Veterans on Giving Back
1:09:30 – Foot Prints to America

Veterans and Activities

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