December 5, 2022

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James H. Quillen VAMC COVID 19 Vaccine Stories: Chaplain Ronald Vicars

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Hello, I am Cliff Vicars, Chief of Chaplains at the VA Medical Center here at Mountain Home. Before serving here at Mountain Home, I was the chief of chaplains at the Tuscaloosa VA. In addition to that, I was also an Army chaplain for 25 plus years.

I enjoy working as a chaplain with veterans because it’s the same community of people that I served with when on active duty with the military. You might recall back in your military service time having a yellow shot record that you carried with you 24/7. In that shot record it kept all the vaccines recorded that you received during your military service. We got those vaccines because they kept us healthy as we worked with our teammates and kept us from being a liability. To me, getting the COVID vaccine is very much like that. We get the vaccine because we want to remain healthy, and not be a liability to the people that we work with and that we care about so very much.

If you are a veteran, I encourage you to come out to the Mountain Home VA Medical Center and get your COVID vaccine or go to one of our out-based clinics. They are free of charge and no appointment is necessary.

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