November 30, 2021

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The REAL Reason Trump’s Asking Supporters For Money

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Here’s the real reason Trump is STILL asking his supporters for money. John Iadarola and Dave Levinthal break it down on The Damage Report. Follow The Damage Report on Facebook:

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"The Trump text message — one of several Tuesday — is equal parts urgent and nonsensical.

"We’re handing Pres Trump the FINAL 2020 Election Day Donor List in 1 HOUR. Make sure your name is at the TOP. Donate NOW & receive a 1000%-MATCH," President Donald Trump’s campaign wrote supporters around 4 p.m.

Trump on Tuesday almost certainly didn’t scan names of strangers. And these fundraising matching gimmicks are nonsense — nobody is really matching your money, and even if someone was, they’d almost assuredly run afoul of federal campaign contribution limits of $2,800 per candidate, per election.

But so long as there’s still time left in Election 2020, there’s still political money for Trump’s campaign to make by almost any means possible.

Why? Because Trump may desperately need it in the days, weeks, and even months to come.

"While campaigning is usually finished by Election Day, the costs associated with a campaign may not be," said Nick Penniman, founder and CEO of Issue One, a bipartisan political reform organization."

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